We only get paid when we recover the debt! NO RECOVERY, NO FEE!

About Us


Uncollected debt cost businesses millions of dollars every year and cause negative effects on you and your company's bottom line. CFS’s goal is to provide your company with personalized services to maximize profits and maintain your bottom line.  

CFS stands ready to support your needs, as we have over the last 25 years.  Many of the services we provide are tedious, time intensive and some require legal representation.


Where We Are

As a locally owned business, CFS’s team includes personnel from the area that are experts in The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and HIPPA Regulations. Our centrally located, downtown Fredericksburg historical office is convenient and our proactive staff is only a quick telephone call away to help clients gain resolution as quickly as possible.


Risk Free Consultation and Services

Going through the collections, process serving, and other service area actions can be frustrating.  At CSF, we have designed our business to help you through the process without upfront fees.  Give us a call or come see us for a free consultation!

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